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From content scattered everywhere, to a single source of truth 

From 09 AM to 10 AM the 23rd of June, you can join our free webinar to learn more about Sitecore Content Hub™ - a tool that unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management with a single, integrated solution.


Key Take Aways

Join our webinar to learn how Sitecore Content hub can:

  • Solve the content crisis and give you a 360 view of the content lifecycle.

  • Take control of you content , from Assets over product information to copy writing.

  • Streamline content production, collaboration, and marketing across channels, teams & campaigns. 

  • Enable you to manage content versions, variations, and rights. 

  • Improve how you work with products, partners, and customers.


  • Introduction about Sitecore and why Sitecore acquired Content Hub. 

  • Why it is relevant - What problems does Content Hub solve?

  • What’s in the box - The main components of Content Hub . (DAM, CMP, PCM). 

  • Live demo. 

  • Customer cases.


The webinar will be held in English and takes about 1 hour, including Q&A.

Sitecore Content Hub™ offers you:


  • DAM (Digital Asset Management) that gives you a unique, organized solution for storing, managing, and finding assets, including a digital rights management for version control.

  • CMP (Content Marketing Platform) that can expand the speed, scale, and quality of content production, and optimize content use and distribution to target audiences across channels.

  • MRM (Marketing Resource Management) to plan and schedule marketing activities — even complex, multi-layered ones, offer each team member tailored features that address their unique role, and streamline collaboration between internal and external teams.

  • PCM (Product Content Management) to centralize and automate the management and maintenance of product data that feeds e-commerce web sites, print catalogs, ERP systems, and more.

  • WTP (Web to Print) to simplify and automate graphics and collateral production from anywhere, while enforcing brand guidelines and other compliance requirements.


This 360° view of your content landscape will give you an opportunity to manage all your digital assets, boost the impact of content marketing, get your marketing teams in sync, take control of product content, and personalize print content in a flash!


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Sitecore Content Hub explained


This webinar is presented by Sitecore and our guest speaker, Nicolai Winch Kristensen, is currently working as Head of Presales in the Nordics and Middle East. Nicolai has over 21 years of experience in the IT world, which of the last 6 years within Sitecore. 

Portrait of Nicolai Winch Kristensen


Nicolai Winch Kristensen

Head of presales Nordics and Middle East, Sitecore


“What's so great about content hub, is that it gives you control and findability of all your content in your organization. Not just for use in  a specific system or channel, it actually  provides you easy access to Master versions, to utilize in all channels and contexts”  

The solution is independent of your current CMS-solution.
Illustration about how a content hub has control over different channels and content

This webinar is held in cooperation with Sitecore.

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